Amino Acids



L-Theanine is an amino acid mostly found in tea leaves, small amounts are derived in Bay Bolete mushrooms, and green and black tea. L-Theanine helps promote relaxation without the feeling of drowsiness, which means it is not a sedative. It is also usually taken to ease stress and help you unwind. Here are five reasons why L-Theanine might be beneficial for you.

1. Anxiety stress reliever

Very useful for students, or individuals with high demanding jobs.

2. Increases focus and attention

Beneficial for College or University student's, studying for exams or jobs that are very attentive to details.

3. Improves immunity:
By  decreasing incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Improves Sleep Quality and maintains Blood Pressure Control 

By lowering anxiety and promoting relaxation. Very beneficial for people with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

At Apex Nutrition, we store various amino acid supplements to meet with individuals needs. We are very proud in educating our clients and look forward in improving lifestyles. 

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Did you know Your body uses L-Glutamine more than the other 20 amino acids out there? That means we got more benefits supplementing with L-Glutamine. Glutamine makes up to about 30% of the amino acid nitrogen in your blood. It's Known as a conditional amino acid because the body uses so much L-glutamine, it needs to supplement its own production from your diet. 

More than most amino acids, L-glutamine promotes weight loss, fat burning and muscle building.  If you  want to promote weight loss, this would be a great supplement to add in. To eat is a necessity, but to supplement is even more a necessity in order to optimize your overall health.

Glutamine has many other benefits. It helps heal leaky gut, as well as help improve energy and athletic performance and again burn fat and boost metabolism. 

Although our body produces Glutamine naturally, there are times where we need to supplement with this depending on our activity levels. 

How active are you, do you exercise, do you have stressful days, are you ill, are you injured?  If yes to any of the questions, you might need to supplement with Glutamine because your body will be using more that it can quickly produce.

At Apex Nutrition we ensure to educate our clients and to provide the greatest products to meet optimal results based on your goals.