Message from the ceo

APEX NUTRITION is here to share knowledge of healthy foods that will help you fuel right in order for you to live a healthy life.  Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have  about different foods, the stronger you become when you apply that knowledge.  Not having  the right knowledge about the food you put into your body can  destroy your body.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge"  

-Jesus Christ-

Our story

Peter and I, Bukola, decided to go into General Health and Sports Supplement Nutrition business due to certain experiences we’ve had in the past. From the time we got married and started having children, I went from 118 lb. (very slim) to about 180 lb. by the time we had our second child. “Yes, I looked like a house and it felt very uncomfortable.” 

I got rid of all the baby fat using the art of Nutrition, Supplementation and specific types of exercises. Instead of going back to 118 lb., I went to 125 lb. instead, because I decided to add some muscle mass to my physique knowing that as we age, this is a necessity and of course it looks much better. I also experienced some ailments like h-pylori and hormonal imbalances. Peter and I used natural food supplements to clear it all out as we were taught by Lord Jesus!

Now, let me talk about Peter! He went from being quite skinny to being quite over weight, “I say it with love of course.” He went all the way to 235 lb. from 150 lb. “Yup, 85 pounds of weight gain!” This was when we went on another journey with our teenage children on learning how to properly feed and nitrify our bodies. Peter dropped all the excess body fat and added muscle mass as well. 

We learnt that supplementing and eating the right types foods is vital to longevity. Even animals like monkeys, elephants, etc supplement. “Yes, you heard me correctly. They supplement!”

Our experiences so far made us come into a realization that we need to help others live a healthy and vibrant life. That was what made us go into General Health and Sports Supplement Nutrition business.

It is our true passion to provide Nutrition Consultation, Teachings, Seminars and Natural Health Supplements to as many people as we can, in order to help them flourish.