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Essential Oil Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil derives from the leaves of the oregano plant and holds various astonishing health benefits.
  • Oregano Oil is a Natural Antibiotic, it helps kill dangerous bacteria
  • Help's Lower Cholesterol
  • Powerful Antioxidant; Oregano has a very high antioxidant content, much higher than most fruits and vegetables
  • Could Treat Yeast Infections
  • Can improve Gut Health by killing gut parasites and protecting against a leaky gut
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory properties
  • Help's Relieve Pain, oregano oil is a natural pain killer
  • Contains Cancer Fighting Properties; helps inhibit cancer cell growth and causes cell death in lung, breast and liver cancer cells
  • Help's You Lose Excess Weight
Overall Oregano Oil has several health benefits that can be useful as a natural treatment for some health afflictions.
Oregano Oil is readily available as bottled liquid or capsule form; it can be placed on the skin for skin conditions or infections, or swallowed orally daily.
At Apex Nutrition Supplement Store, we provide various quality essential oils to aid you to a healthier lifestyle. We care, we are here to educate and to nutrify you.
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