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Free shipping within Canada on $100+ purchases
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Nutrition Consultation Program

We're now providing Nutrition Consultation at Apex Nutrition. This includes Customized Meal, Workout, and Supplement Plans, tailored to your individual needs!

Nutrition Consultation makes a difference! Your dietary behaviour associated with good health, will increase. With us, you'll notice a big difference in your mood, energy, muscle mass, your overall physique and health.

This will help to correct; Nutrient Deficiencies, Body Composition (The % of fat, bone, water and muscle in your body), Disordered Eating Patterns, Hormonal Regulation and more! With our Knowledge and Expertise, you can have exceptional results. We help people strategize and meet their goals in simple, practical and lasting ways.

You're one step away from achieving a healthy body and mind. As a team, we will be working with you constantly with your questions and needs to help achieve your health and fitness goals.

You can also visit our Store or give us a shout at for more information.