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"Just wanted to share my skin (neck, scalp and face) progress with you in terms of psoriasis! It’s amazing honestly! Even more motivation to push forward. Under 2 Months into the Program!"

Sheniece C.


When I started my journey with APEX, I didn't quite know what I was on for. I started with a 3 mth program which I extended. I was at the gym having a convo and complaining about the arthritis in my knees and how slow my weight loss was even though was eating "healthy" and working out 3 to times a week. My friend told me to check APEX and when I met Bukola and Peter my life changed. They not only drastically helped me reduce the joint pains but I dropped from 147lbs to a constant 132. They taught me what foods and nutrients your body needs. My life has changed and I owe it to their expert advise.  Thank you APEX 
Carolyn M.
The dietary and detox plan that was created for me by Apex Nutrition reduced my high cholesterol and eliminated my insomnia, bloating, constipation,  poor memory,  secretion, high blood sugar, & constant tiredness. For the bonus, lost over 20lbs. 
Orlet S.
Jagdesh B.
When I started with APEX I was suffering from chronic fatigue, lower back and joint pain, PCOS, and mood swings etc.  I had carpel tunnel and arthritic symptoms in my hands.  I was overweight and really struggling with my health.  I needed help, I needed to do something drastically to get my health back on track.  So I reached out to APEX for help and within 6 days of my 1st consultation my energy level was through the roof.
After 3 months my back pain, arthritis symptoms, went away energy levels were way up, I was working out and got rid of a lot of the junk I was eating and added the supplements they recommended to start my healing process.  Getting their help was worth every penny and I would recommend them to anyone, especially those who are struggling with their health.
Nicole B.
The initial Consultation with Peter & Bukola at Apex Nutrition was noted for their approach of confidence and professional attitude. This made the atmosphere relaxing. 
Based on my medical history and health issues , they were able to customized a health plan that would be holistic. This plan was consisted of supplements, herbs, exercises, detox. Also implementation of appropriate food that would prove beneficial for my overall wellbeing and assured as being researched based. 
Almost immediately after starting regime I began to feel better, 
( less bloating, less indigestion, more energy) and began loosing weight. Lost 25Lbs thus far.
Peter and Bukola set out from the start ensuring all my needs were met by committed to regular follow-up meetings in- person or online. Peter & Bukola ensured that I was comfortable and tolerating ongoing treatments as prescribed, and they are always ready to make changes as appropriate . 
I am feeling so much healthier. Active. So much more confident in my appearance because I am loosing weight. 
  • High Blood Sugar has decreased down to (within) normal limits according to recent blood test
  • High cholesterol has decreased down to (within) normal limits according to recent blood test
  • Blood sugar began decreasing only 1 month into the program 
  • Sleeping pattern is improving. Initially at bedtime, unable to fall off to sleep because of cold extremities, tingling and twitching of the body. Gradually Improved since starting the program.
  • Arthritic pain in right knee gradually gets better over the months in the program 
  • Joint Pain improved immensely. 
  • Shortness of Breath usually with activities is now gone. Now walking long distance without feeling tired or breathless 
  • IBS and GERD. - Now Greatly improved. 
  • I’m now able to use single pillow to sleep, unlike before, was sleeping elevated on three pillows due to Acid Reflux. Not experiencing reflux anymore. 
  • Bloating has significantly improved 
  • With Constipation, a definite change as happened. More normal and frequent. 
  • IBS has definitely improved, after many years of suffering from this problem. 
  • Sharp pain in stomach or back, etc - Due to IBS and gastritis. Improved. 
  • Used to have Brain Fog. Feeling much more clear headed. 
  • Eye sight improved due to Cloudiness from ( mild) Cataract. Using eyeglasses less for reading. 
  • Muscle Cramp. This was a big issue, including muscle knots, that caused tightening and pain brought on by chronic back problem. Improved immensely. 
  • Swelling and or Tingling on hands, legs, etc- which were pronounced in legs. Has now Improved 
  • Blood Pressure- Stable within normal limits. Even After gradual decreasing high blood pressure medication
Thank you Peter and Bukola for your overall support.
Colleen G.
Apex Nutrition is the best! One of the best decision I made in my adult life. I was a bit reluctant when my wife signed up initially but had to after seeing the tremendous result she had in such a short period of time. 
Apex nutrition taught me what to eat and what to avoid. I've seen great results especially with my high cholesterol and energy levels. I'm glad I signed up and will do this over again! 

I recommend Apex nutrition to anyone looking to improve their health and get rid of any preexisting condition. I feel so much better now. 

Akin B.
Funke A.
Sign up today for 1-Month Nutrition Program. At Apex Nutrition, we've made losing excess body fat easy and a lifestyle. You definitely will not be on a diet. You'll eat more to lose weight. Your body will be transformed from inside out with a cleaner skin. 
We will customize your meal plan, exercise plan and even provide you with grocery lists. We also customize supplements for your individual need. We will work with you closely so you're not alone on this journey. We will also put you on a Detox Program within the program.
At Apex Nutrition, we also work with our clients on their health issues including but not limited to, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar (Diabetes), Insomnia, Fatigue, Muscle cramps, Bloating, Constipation, IBS, IBD, Dizziness, Anxiety, Arthritis, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Muscle and Joint pain, and more.
We also work with our clients on adding muscle mass (Body Building) in an easy and healthy manner.