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Having problems going to the washroom? Senna is a herb from flowering plants, used to make medicine. Senna is a natural laxative, it is mainly used to treat constipation and also used to help treat other various conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS), anal fissures, and hemorrhoids. 

Senna has both anti-inflammatory and anti-parasitic properties to help cleanse parasites from your body, help increase metabolism, maximize cognitive and physical development. Millions of people in North America develop parasitic infections and symptoms and it often goes unnoticed, which may lead to serious health problems especially in the digestive tract. Senna can also be used to promote weight loss, using it as a detox tea.  

At Apex Nutrition Supplement Store, we provide Senna supplements and other amazing herbs that help heal and improve your health overall health. Note, we also offer Senna leaf in fine micronized powdered form to fully maximize its delivery. 

Senna powder can be steeped as a tea and can be mixed with green tea and honey to improve its flavor and maximize its potential on weight loss.


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